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Online with Messina Movement

Upcoming Dates: Feb 4, 5pm // Feb 18, 5pm // March 4, 5pm // March 25, 5pm

Rolling on the Balls is a journey of two parts: myofascial release + settling the nervous system. Using various sized massage balls (or alternative props from around the house!), you’ll be invited to slow down, to connect with your body, and to soften anything that’s ready to soften. Students will be guided through a relaxing sequence to encourage a release of physical tension, to awaken the mind/body connection, and to settle deeply into the present moment. Think deep tissue massage meets craniosacral session meets a long, hard nap.

Note: This class is appropriate for students of all levels – no experience necessary. Fitted clothing is recommended for use with massage balls.


Jane uses Yoga Tune-Up therapy balls in her classes, but other therapy balls or alternatives can also be used. Props will vary for each class, but may include: 

  • Original sized YTU balls in tote (alternatives: other therapy balls or tennis balls + tube sock)

  • Alpha YTU ball (this ball is slightly smaller than a soft ball and squishier, alternatives could be a weighted pilates ball or a rolled up hand towel)

  • Coregous ball (alternatives: other soft, inflatable ball, a small pillow, a rolled up towel)

  • 1-2 yoga blocks (alternatives: hardcover books, tupperware, vhs tapes) 

  • Optional props: blanket, bolster, eye pillow

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