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Mar 22, 2-3:30pm
@Republic of Yoga

Join us for a special edition of Release + Restore! Students will be led through self-massage techniques using therapeutic massage balls while experiencing a soundbath to create deep relaxation. 

The massage balls relieve tension in the hips, low-back, neck and shoulders, encouraging the body to enter a relaxed state. Likewise, the soundbath is like an internal ”sound massage” where the body is immersed in a wash of healing frequencies, bringing the mind and body into a state of calm and peacefulness.

Students can expect to leave the class feeling like they’ve just received a deep tissue massage and sound healing session all at once! 

About Jane

Jane is a movement instructor and international guide. She is passionate about functional movement and body-based therapies. Her classes are a combination of yoga, therapeutic movement, mindfulness and self-massage, all with a focus on enhancing the mind-body connection and down regulating the nervous system. 

About Rush

Rush is a Sound Healer, Voice Coach and Performing Artist who supports ambitious and creative women in embodying their authentic voice through her EmbodiedVoice method. She received her certificates in sound healing from the Divine Resonance Center, received her Masters degree in Voice from New England Conservatory, and is currently completing her thesis as a YogaVoice® facilitator. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of sound and voice work as tools for deep healing and self-realization. 

Release + Restore Soundbath

Release + Restore Soundbath w/Rush Dorsett: My Classes
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