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Sept 14, 2-3:30pm

@Republic of Yoga


Yoga Tune Up® is a unique blend of yoga, corrective exercise, self-massage, mindfulness, and breathing techniques. In this 90-minute workshop, students will use therapeutic massage balls to relieve areas of chronic tension, improve mindfulness, and restore proper muscle engagement. Corrective exercises will be taught to improve overall strength, flexibility and coordination no matter what style of movement discipline you practice. The workshop will finish with pranayama and a deep, relaxing Savasana, leaving students with the sense that they’ve gotten a massage, had a workout, and attended a restorative yoga class all at once!

YTU is an excellent complement to other styles of yoga and other physical activities that helps practitioners to practice smarter, safer and longer.

Students can expect to leave the workshop with:
• A greater understanding of anatomy and how it relates to their yoga practice and other physical activities
• Relief from areas of chronic tension and knowledge of self-care techniques
• Increased awareness of their body and techniques to improve their yoga practice

All levels welcome - no Yoga experience necessary. All props will be provided. Fitted clothing is recommended for use with therapy balls.

$22 early bird before 9/22

$25 after 9/22

Yoga Tune Up: My Classes
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