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Movement Educator & International Guide

After too many years of a dedicated yoga practice full of misalignment, over-stretching and not enough strengthening, I developed some common yoga-related injuries and imbalances in the body. Seeking to regain balance, I turned to more therapeutic styles of movement, including Yoga Tune Up®, which combines elements of yoga with corrective exercise and therapeutic massage balls. I have a deep passion for the mind-body connection and have spent years exploring somatic therapies. My classes are a combination of everything I have learned and include elements of yoga, therapeutic movement, mindfulness, and self-massage. I am grateful to share what I have learned with those around me in my classes, workshops, and private & corporate sessions

Travel has always been another passion of mine. I spent most of my twenties in and out of Latin America. I studied abroad for a year in Costa Rica, living with a host family and committed to learning Spanish. Through my first experience living abroad, I discovered how happy it made me to be immersed in another country and another culture. There I could observe different ways of life, different values, different people, and all the beautiful ways that human beings exist in the world. After school, I returned to Latin America, living in Chile and Argentina, and backpacking through most of South America.

  India had always called to me as well. During my first trip to India, I enrolled in a course on World Religions. For four weeks, we traveled around southern India and met with spiritual leaders from Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh traditions - learning about their customs and beliefs. We wore Indian attire, sat cross-legged on the floor, and ate everything with our hands. After that program, I stayed in India to complete a Yoga Instructor’s Course. Since that time my love for the country has grown and I have returned several times.

With this expertise under my belt, I have spent the past five years guiding hundreds of others in Latin America and India. Through this work, I have discovered a deep desire to share travel, to facilitate cross-cultural communication, and to assist in expanding our world-views about what it means to be “different.”

Join me for an upcoming class or workshop in and around Raleigh, NC, or on a culinary and cultural exploration to one of several destinations around the world. Click links below for more information. 

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