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December 8, 10-12pm

@Open Door Yoga


Ninety percent of us will experience low back pain at some point in our life. Simply put, our low back supports the weight of our upper body onto our lower body. The lumbar spine between the hips and the ribs are completely self-standing vertebrae and need support from the surrounding musculature. Dysfunction in the low back, including muscles that are too weak, too tight, or out of alignment in some way can lead to imbalances causing chronic pain and discomfort.
This workshop will address lower back pain as it relates to the muscles of the core, including the Ilio-Psoas, Quadratus Lumborum (QL), Erector Spinae, Internal and External Obliques, and Rectis and Transverse Abdominis.

Students can expect to leave the workshop with:

  • A greater understanding of anatomy and how it relates to low back pain

  • Relief from areas of chronic tension in the core, especially as it relates to the low back

  • Knowledge of self-care techniques, including self-massage and corrective exercises, to strengthen the core muscles that support the low back. 

*Note: No Yoga experience necessary. All props will be provided. Tight clothing is recommended for use with therapy balls. For more long-term, chronic low-back pain, when disc injury may be the cause, consult a doctor before beginning any routine.

Low Back Tune Up: My Classes
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