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March 1, 1:30-3:30

@Republic of Yoga

Join Jane Thibodeau and Christopher Grohs for a rejuvenating tour of your anatomy. Using an embodied, felt-sense approach, this class will begin with a gentle warm-up followed by intentional massage ball work to soften tight spots and awaken the mind-body connection. The massage ball work with be interspersed with mindful, somatic movement* ultimately leading to an effortless posture. Class will finish with a few restorative poses and a brief yoga nidra to soothe the nervous system and leave you feeling rested and connected.

Note: This class is appropriate for students of all levels – no yoga experience necessary. Fitted clothing is recommended for use with massage balls. All props will be provided.

About Jane

Jane is a movement instructor and international guide. She is passionate about functional movement and body-based therapies. Her classes are a combination of yoga, therapeutic movement, mindfulness and self-massage, all with a focus on enhancing the mind-body connection and down regulating the nervous system.

About Christopher

Christopher is a bodywork therapist and a movement educator. He believes that a relaxed, yet dynamic posture is found through an easy relationship of muscles, mind and bones. His classes are taught to increase strength, mobility, and overall comfort in the body.

*What is Somatic Movement?

Gentle movements that engage the mind, muscles and nervous system to notice how we hold excess tension and offer alternative options. The intention for Somatics is to bring the mind and body into an easy, almost effortless relationship so we feel good as we walk, play, sit, stand, and engage in the activities of daily life.  

Easy + Upright: My Classes
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