Working with thoughts and emotions through the body is transformative. In coaching sessions, we explore how various bodily sensations are linked to your emotional experience. The goal of this method is to encourage a more informed approach to being in the world in relation to ourselves, others, and our environment. When we have a clear understanding of ourselves and our past programs and habits, we can begin the process of coming back home to who we truly are. The healing process is most effective when our obstacles are seen, heard, safely held, and processed within a trusted relationship with a caring other. As a Certified Ryzio Coach, I am committed to providing a safe space to process thoughts and emotions while offering a wide range of grounding, integrating,

and mindfulness practices.

Coaching Fees

  • 60 minute sessions

    • $100 for one session

    • $450 for five sessions 

  • 90 minute sessions

    • $140 for one session​

    • $650 for five sessions