Raleigh, NC, USA

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Thurs, 4:30-5:30pm

 @ Open Door Yoga, Raleigh

This class focuses on functional mobility. Students will be led through exercises to improve movement, flexibility, and joint strength to enhance joint health, improve performance, prevent injury, and preserve movement and function.

This series is appropriate for all ages and all levels of fitness – exercises can be modified and intensified to suit the unique needs of each student. All props will be provided. Students should wear comfortable clothing.


Thurs, 6-7:15pm

@ Open Door Yoga, Raleigh

This class will use therapeutic massage balls to address areas of chronic tension, including the hips, neck, shoulders and low-back. Students will experience a deep release in muscle tension, leaving class with increased mobility and improved circulation throughout the body.

Note: All levels welcome - no experience necessary. All props will be provided. Tight clothing is recommended for use with therapy balls.



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Nov 1, 6-7pm
@Triangle Rock Club, N. Raleigh

Nov 3, 11am-12pm
@Triangle Rock Club, N. Raleigh

Nov 17, 2-3:30pm
@Republic of Yoga






Jane offers a unique yoga experience.

I have been doing yoga for over 30 years, in many studios and on my own.  Never before have I experienced such an intense and personal yoga experience.  Jane encourages students to listen to and focus on what one’s body is experiencing.  She guides you to understand your limits and abilities thus helping one to avoid overextension and injury.

Jane's clear and accurate cuing enable the student to successfully complete each movement.

Her knowledge and acceptance of where each student is at allow students to feel very comfortable and successful in her challenging and enjoyable class.

Karen M.