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During this 3-hr experiential workshop we will delve into the science behind creating deeper connections and fostering greater resilience. You will learn evidence-based tools to help you regulate your nervous system, understand yourself more deeply, and connect more fully with your true self. This safe and enlightening program is a great starting place for the life-changing work that is offered at Ryzio.

What to expect:

  • Meet others who are looking to align themselves with purpose and who are seeking more love and meaningful connection

  • Understand what it takes to move from coping to thriving 

  • Experience safety

  • Feel welcome, seen, and heard

  • Deepen your mindfulness practice 

  • Garner tools for your journey toward a more fulfilling life 


Dec. 9, 5-8pm ET on Zoom


Due to the pandemic, all of our experiences are virtual. We have been amazed to witness this work flourishing on-screen. We couldn’t have known it, but through the latest virtual programs, we know that this work is just as powerful as our past, in-person sessions. 

Intro to Ryzio: About Me


Ryzio is an organization committed to offering people experiences that help to shift perspective, realign with what is meaningful to the individual and greater collective, and enhance this life, relationships, and the world. 

We teach the principles behind the work and we are completely transparent about what we do and how we do it. The principals are science-based, which means that everything we do is aligned with current research around how we humans develop and evolve, what are the habits that keep us from feeling fulfilled, happy, and satisfied, how and why those habits got there in the first place, and what is needed to create positive, long-lasting change. 

The processes are guided by experienced coaches and are designed to create space for you to truly understand, know, and love yourself on a deeper level. When we are most in-tune with what matters to us we move towards a more positive way of being and doing. Ryzio guides help to revive the impulse to shape your life in a way that helps you to feel most alive and well. When we discover how to grow our sense of inner abundance, we feel better resourced to help create positive change in the world and we can truly understand, know, and love others through it.

Intro to Ryzio: About


Jane and Lisa have a combined experience of over six years studying Relational Somatic (body-based) Psychotherapy and 20+ years studying and teaching mindfulness practices. They share a passion for working with thoughts and emotions through the body with the intention to encourage a more informed approach to being in the world in relation to self, others, and our environment. When we have a clear understanding of ourselves and our past programs and habits, we can begin the process of coming back home to who we truly are. Both Jane and Lisa are Certified Ryzio Coaches, where they work to provide a safe space to process thoughts and emotions while offering a wide range of grounding, integrating, and mindfulness practices.

Intro to Ryzio: About
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